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VBE_Extras now available in Microsoft Access

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It's taken me 3 months (Access is so, so different to other Office applications!) but VBE_Extras now works from the VBE hosted by Microsoft Access ... with a few limitations (for which, see the guide - available via the help page), all of the same functionality available in the other host applications is now available in Access:

  • Navigate around the declarations, references, modules ... and more ... of your VBA project

  • Keep track of, and go back/forward through, cursor locations history

  • Track tasks / TODO items

  • Rename declarations and references; extract literals to constants; add Properties and factories

  • Highlight references on-screen

  • Clear, jump to the start of, and jump to the end of, the Immediate window - at any time via the menu or Toolbar or when running code

  • View and set VBA attributes

  • Set colour Themes for your code and Immediate window

  • Jump into and out of 'full screen'

  • ... and more

If you're already a user of VBE_Extras (... thanks!!) in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook, then VBE_Extras will be available to you in Microsoft Access as soon as you upgrade to version

If you're not already a user of VBE_Extras but want to try it out in Access (and/or in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook ... one download works for all five applications) then head over to the VBE_Extras download page and try out VBE_Extras for 60 days for free.



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