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Guidance on how to create VBA code for yourself

I've spent 20+ years learning VBA. You can give yourself a head-start with the following links. If you're really new to VBA, start with my What is VBA blog post.

Topics in my blog

MS Docs (external links)

  • The Office VBA Reference - where you go when you press the F1 key in the VBE ... if you're lucky (almost as many errors and omissions as content ... but you can't create VBA code without referring to the source)

  • The MS-VBAL (the VBA language specification) - the definitive guide for the VBA language ... tricky to navigate if you're not familiar with it, and it is ONLY the VBA language (so nothing specific to individual applications eg Excel, Word etc) but this provides the detail that is so often missing from the Office VBA Reference

  • The RibbonX specification 2007 and 2010 - both still relevant for creating 'ribbon XML'

Books (external links)


  • VBE_Extras (available on this website) ... adds multiple functions to the Visual Basic Editor ... indispensable for any serious VBA coder!

  • MZ-Tools (external link) ... just as indispensable as VBE_Extras!

  • Office RibbonX Editor (external link) ... edit RibbonX code to customise the Excel, Word or PowerPoint (not Outlook) ribbon

VBA Questions?

  • If you're writing VBA code and have a specific question, Stack Overflow is your friend. Remember first to search for questions and answers that already cover your question. If none do then ask a new question ... always remember to post your code and accept an answer if one is helpful ... that helps future questioners find existing answers.

Please note I have no affiliation with the tools or books on any of the external websites listed on this page.

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