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Edit VBA using the full screen - VBE_Extra's FullScreen command

Updated: May 15

Most modern code editing environments have an option to go into a 'full screen' mode using a simple menu item or keyboard shortcut. This maximises the amount of code on-screen at a time, to assist with editing, and also helps to minimise distractions.

No surprise that the VBE (the Visual Basic Editor ... the code editing environment for writing VBA code) does not have such a command built-in. Sure, you can manually hide each of the VBE's docked windows (other than the code window) and click on the VBE window's maximise button. Then, when you are done, you can manually show each docked window (other than the code window). Lots of clicks. Good chance of not getting the docked windows back in the right place. You're never going to bother.

However, with VBE_Extras, you can go into 'full screen' with one click. And back. As many times as you want.

The VBE not in 'full screen' mode
The VBE not in 'full screen' mode

The VBE in 'full screen' mode
The VBE in 'full screen' mode

To see the VBE_Extras 'full screen' command in action, see the video.



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