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VBE Themes

VBE_Extras will now help you to create and apply text, background and indicator colours, fonts and 'margin indicator bar' (MIB) visibility as 'Themes' to the main code window and immediate window within the VBE.

Want to have a dark Theme ...

VBE with dark theme

... or a blue Theme ...

VBE with blue theme

... dark, blue and default Themes are built-in and can be applied in a couple of clicks. Or define your own Theme with the Themes dialog ...

Themes dialog

... a much improved version of the 'Editor Format' tab of the VBE's built-in 'Options' dialog. The Themes dialog allows you to choose the same colours (text, background and 'indicators'), font name, font size and presence of the 'margin indicator bar', but in a much more logical and user-friendly manner.

The Themes dialog:

  • Only allows you to select a colour when that resulting colour can actually be shown (for example, the built-in Options dialog allows you to select a foreground, i.e. text, colour for a Bookmark when a bookmark is only ever indicated by an indicator in the MIB; the Options dialog allows you to select an indicator colour for Keyword text when Keyword text does not have an indicator)

  • Allows you to select one colour as the background colour for all of the 'main' text types … if 'Align backgrounds' is selected then the background colour chosen for 'Normal' text will also act as the background colour for text that is for Syntax errors, comments, keywords and identifiers

  • Includes a sample code image (see image above) with a greater variety of text-types allowing you to see immediately the result of the colour and font changes you have made (the word 'Print' in the image is the colours used when text is selected)

  • Has a font name drop-down that shows fonts in that font

  • Allows you to save your colour, font and MIB visibility selections as 'Themes' … and you can create as many Themes as you want … meaning you can switch between entire Themes with a few keystrokes / mouse clicks

See the VBE_Extras videos page to see Themes in action, or read the 'Themes' section of the VBE_Extras help guide for more info about VBE_Extras Themes.


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