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AddIn Assistant

Need help with installing an AddIn in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook? Can't find the 'AddIns', 'StartUp' or 'Templates' folders? Not sure which AddIns you have installed?

Get the AddIn Assistant!

The AddIn Assistant is an Excel Workbook that:

  • Supports installing and uninstalling Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook AddIns (aka 'Global Templates' in Word)

  • Lists all installed AddIns for Excel, Word and PowerPoint

  • Opens and creates shortcuts to the 'AddIns' (for Excel and PowerPoint AddIns), 'StartUp' (for Word AddIns) and 'Outlook' (for Outlook AddIns) folders

  • Opens and creates shortcuts to the Excel, Word and PowerPoint personal Templates folder(s)

​How to get it:

How to use it:

  • Open the 'AddIn Assistant.xlsm' Excel Workbook file and click on 'Enable macros'

  • To get help with AddIns, select the Sheet for the relevant application (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • To get help with Templates, select the 'Templates' Sheet

  • Read the notes / click the buttons

Please note that the AddIn Assistant requires Windows 7 or newer and Office 2010 or newer.


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